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Entire process is completed within minutes.
We focus on great work with a lower cost.
Your money safely in the hands of your friends and family.
Here for you, whenever you need us.
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Even to the most remote place
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“I regularly receive funds from overseas and I Pay Remit has helped me with much better exchange rates than any other remittance company. The service is extremely fast and efficient. I would definitely recommend anyone to use I Pay Remit for the financial transactions.”

–Ganesh Sarki

“I originally heard about I Pay Remit through its website and Facebook page. I was a bit anxious to transfer a large amount of money, but with I Pay Remit and its trusted reputation I had a very safe and secure transaction. Whether it’s service wise or technology wise, I Pay Remit never fails to amaze me. If anyone wants to send money overseas, I Pay Remit could definitely be your go-to remittance service”

-Samjhana Rai

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