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WHY ipayremit ?

Entire process is completed within minutes.
We focus on great work with a lower cost.
Your money safely in the hands of your friends and family.
Here for you, whenever you need us.

We are ...

We ( Ipay Remit ) are a leading remittance company and have been securely getting your money to you from within Nepal and from outside of Nepal. We make it possible for our hard working Nepalese workers abroad to securely send money back home to their family. We accept money from many countries like Malaysia, Japan, Quatar, UAE, UK, India, China and many other countries.

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As of
May 28, 2018
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Janata Remit
Prithivi Express
SBL Remit
Century Remit
Sansar Remit
Sanima Remit
Sulav Remit

Send Money On The Go

With our Khutruke e-wallet, you can remit money from anywhere
Currently on development phase, available very soon.
Ipay Remit